A community of followers of Jesus; learning to be the people God intended us to be, so we can live the lives God intended us to live.

Introducing: San Bruno Vineyard

God called a small group of people to plant a church in the northern part of the peninsula in the fall of 2003. The purpose of this call is to form a community of faith and reach out to people who are not yet walking with God in a community of faith and worship. As we have been walking together on this journey over the last decade, God has focused our vision and helped us to see more clearly what He intends to do in and through our community.

There are three main areas that stand out as most significant. First we are called to be a community of intercession. We are to be in prayer for all people in this part of the Bay Area. We have likened this to preparing the spiritual landscape for what God is doing and for what God intends to do in our area. Second, we are called to build healthy relationships with other communities. We believe in one Body of Christ on Earth and that all who place their faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior are a part of that Body. We believe that God intends to reach out to people as the whole body of Christ walks in unity. Third, we are called to express God's heart for others through practical acts of love and kindness that share and reflect His character to each other.

What is the Vineyard Movement?

One might characterize the Vineyard movement as being distinctive in three areas: Worship, the Word, and Works. These values emphasize our corporate and individual relationships with God.