Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry

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San Bruno Vineyard church offers a complete community for families. Click below to read more about our children's ministry.

Our Values

We know that children learn by what they observe. Recognizing the responsibility we have been given as adults to mentor these children, we know that you cannot give away what you do not have. Therefore, we seek to develop authentic and enthusiastic followers of Christ by being one.

Our Purpose

We believe:

That each child is a precious gift from God.

That God creates each child as an individual and wants to draw every child into a unique relationship with Himself.

That God has called parents as the primary teachers of Christian love and character.

That God calls the Christian community to assist parents in providing opportunities by which He may draw children into a deeper relationship with Himself.

That in response to this call, we should offer ourselves to children in relationships that model God's love, patience, forgiveness, discipline and kindness; and reveal the incredible works He is doing in us.

That the foundation of this response should be our in our Sunday meetings and that this time will be set aside for training children up in the ways of our Lord through Scriptures and other classroom activities.

That our purpose in training should be to make authentic and enthusiastic followers of Jesus Christ using age appropriate methods and materials.

That our greatest resource in this process is the Holy Spirit and prayer is our most effective tool.

That the emphasis in all that we do should be to provide the fellowship with our Lord in a variety of settings that reflect the different means by which God can relate to us.

That God releases His Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts among children of all ages.

It is our prayer that all children will place their hope in Jesus Christ, receive the gift of salvation and be trained up in the ways of our Lord. Our goal is that each child becomes an authentic and enthusiastic follower of Jesus Christ.